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Plans for Damascus

I just want people to know that you really can’t trust what the government and the media is telling you. I’m sure a lot of you already know this.. Especially not these right winged assholes, Hannity and Bill O Reily,

The truth is that the James Foley incident shows a lot of signs of being staged by “Crisis” actors. As an artist you can easily tell - There is so much evidence of this being scripted that there is no way this guy got beheaded. His sister is laughing throughout this interview with Katie Couric. Not only that but the father corrects the mom who makes a simple grammar mistake and it doesn’t look like he even gives a shit. Then the brother mentions his plans for escalating the severity of Guantanamo.

Everything is aimed at creating a pre-text to go into Syria. Another sad year for American tax payers

Yemen Drone Attacks 2014

You know don’t whether the guy across the street and everything around them is going to be blown away by a sudden explosion by someone thousands of miles away. As soon as it happens they’re terrorized. That has a reaction and people dont just say “fine, I don’t mind if my cousin was murdered” and they become what we call “Terrorists”. This is completely understood by the highest level that as you carry out these operations you’re generating terrorism. First of all, they are U.S terrorist operations and they’re generating more terrorist operations. 

Lets take the Boston bombings for example. A couple of days after the bombings - There was a drone strike in Yemen. Usually we don’t know about these things but there was a young man from the village in Yemen who was testifying in front a senate community. He said that , for years, the Jihadi groups in Yemen had been trying to get the villagers to be Anti-American and they had failed. The only thing they knew about America was through what they were telling them. They were skeptical and did not agree with the Jihadist philosophy. So, they’re very pro-American.

One drone attack and that made them anti-american and made them hate America. America justified the civilian deaths and casualties by calling the strike to be aimed at “Al-Qeada suspects”.  Well, What if Russia carried out the same operation in Yemen - what would the western media outlets label that as?

 A new short film Directed by myself “Making Lemonade” 

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